From Mr. Flowers

August 25, 2020


OUR Relentless Pursuit To Get Better


HISD Parents/Guardians:

We have had a great start to the 2020-2021 school year.  We have “rolled out” a great plan for Face-to-Face and Remote Instruction for our students.  COVID-19 has created opportunities for us to “grow” and find a “new way for a new day.”  I appreciate your support as we have started the year.  

We have just begun the “process” of returning to school and here comes a hurricane.  We have monitored the weather situation and the impact on Huntington ISD.  Meteorologists predict landfall late Wednesday night.  The huge issue on the table for us at this time is the traffic on Highway 69.  We are already seeing a large increase in vehicles traveling North on Highway 69.  We are learning there is a possibility Highway 69 North could be “made” a one-way evacuation route and the red light in town left green for northbound traffic.  

The large increase in traffic and the possibility of the red light being left green will create a safety concern for our parents/students/staff. 

HISD has an excellent plan in place to allow us to “transition” to Asynchronous Learning if and when there is a need.  That time is now.  

For our Face-to-Face traditional learners, HISD will transition to asynchronous learning tomorrow (Wednesday), August 26th and continue with asynchronous learning through Friday, August 28th.  Face-to-Face learners will return to their respective campuses on Monday, August 31st.

PK-5 students will be bringing home student-assigned devices today.  Those devices should return with PK-5 students on Monday, August 31 barring any unforeseen weather situations.  Every HISD student will have either an iPad or Chromebook to transition to a 100% asynchronous learning environment.  

We will continue to communicate as we travel down the road of COVID, Hurricanes, and whatever is next.   

It’s a great time to be a Red Devil.